Holloway Sports Performance

High School and Middle School Sports Performance Classes

This class is geared toward increasing overall SPEED, AGILITY, & STRENGTH.

For middle school age athletes, the window of opportunity is wide open. At this point, these athletes are developmentally ready to learn overall motor skills that are the cornerstones of athletic development and future athletic achievement.

High school athletes can each expect to receive a customized program geared toward improving speed, strength, and change of direction—all to reach his or her maximum athletic potential.

Junior QSC Performance Training

This program is geared towards 11 and under athletes looking to improve Balance-Agility-Form and overall Speed - The Holloway Formula Certified Trainers will work to improve the Athletes Balance, Agility, Form, and Speed using proven teaching techniques that are fun and rewarding.

The class is a fast-paced 45 Minute long program every Wednesday from 5:15 to 6pm. Workouts will be held at the new Queenstown Sports Center Turf field for 6 weeks. Starting Sept 20th through Oct. 25th.

Cost:  $79 for all 6 weeks